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Abuse of Islamic Epithets Part 6.6

Part 6.6
"Time and again I have said that according to the verse 'wa aakhareena minhum lamma yalhaqoo behim - and others of them who have not yet joined them..'(al-Quran 62:3) in BUROOZI form (translated by qadianis as Image/Alter-ego/Counter-type) I am the same prophet, the KHATUM-UL-ANBIYA (Last of the Prophets). And twenty years ago God named me Muhammad and Ahmad in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, and declared that I am the Holy Prophet's (pbuh) incarnation. Thus my prophethood in no way clashes with the status of Holy Prophet pbuh as the Last of Prophets, because shadow is inseperable from the original. Since I am Muhammad in a 'shadowy way', thus this way the Seal of the Last of the Prophets is not broken, because the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh) remained with Muhammad." (Mirza Ghulam in Ek Ghalti Ka Izala, Roohani Khazain vol.18, p.212)
"Blessed is he who has recognised me. Of all the paths to God I am the Last Path, and of all his Lights, I am the last Light. Unfortunate is he who forsakes me, because without me all is darkness". (Kashti-e-Nooh, Roohani Khazain, vol.19, p.61)
"I am the only one selected in this Ummah to get the name of 'Prophet '. No one else deserved this name.... and it was bound to happen... so that as mentioned in the Sahih Hadith that 'there will be only one such person', that prophecy is fulfilled." (Haqeeqatul Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol 22 p.407)
"The Prophethood ended on our Prophet (pbuh). Therefore after Him there is no Prophet except who has been illuminated by His Light and who has been made His inheritor by God. Know that Finality was given to Muhammad (pbuh) since the Begining; and then given to him (i.e. Mirza) who was taught by His Spirit and made His shadow. Thus blessed is the one who taught and blessed is the one who learned (i.e. Mirza). Thus FINALITY was destined for the SIXTH MILLENEUM, which is the sixth day in the days of God...... Thus the Promised Messiah was born in the SIXTH Millenium." (Zamima Khutba Ilhamiah, Roohani Khazain vol 16 p. 310)

" 'wa laakin Rasool Allah wa Khatam anNabieen' There is a prophecy hidden in this verse which is that now there is a seal on Prophethood till the Day of Judgement, and except in the Buroozi Form, which is He Himself, no one else has the power to openly get the Hidden Knowledge from God, like Prophets; and since that Burooz of Muhammad which was promised since early times, is ME, therefore the prophethood in Buroozi form is given to me. Now the whole world is helpless in front of this Prophethood because there is seal on Prophethood. One Burooz of Muhammad with all the Qulities of Muhammad was destined for later times, thus he has appeared. Now apart from this window there is no other window left to drink the water of prophethood." (Aik Ghalti ka azala, Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.215 )
"Dead are those who did not accept one Holy Messenger. Blessed is the one who had recognised me. Amongst ALL THE WAYS of Allah I am the last Way and from all His Lights, I am the Last Light. Unfortunate is the one leaves me, since without me there is all darkness." (Kishtee-e-Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol 19 p.61)
Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam writes:
"Thus only one person got the status of Prophethood in the Ummah of Muhammad....except for the Promised Messiah (mirza) no one followed Holy Prophet to such perfection to be called the Shadow of Holy Prophet. Therefore only Promised Messiah was chosen to be called the Prophet." (Kalimat Al-Fasl, Review of Religions, Qadian, p.116, No.3, vol. 14)
Official Qadiani Magazine wrote:
"These quotations prove that except for the Promised Messiah no one else can be a Prophet...After Holy Prophet (pbuh) only one Prophet was neccesary and the coming of too many Prophets would have hindered the Wisdom and Schemes of God." (Tasheed-ul-azhan, Qadian, No.8, vol.12, p.11 dated August 1917)
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