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Abuse of Islamic Epithets Part 3

Part 3
Muslim Epithets. Muslim Epithets are descriptions and titles etc., some of which have been used by Quran for specific personages (See 33:33, 33:54 and 9:100) while others undoubtedly and rather admittedly being used by the Muslims, exclusively, for the last about 1400 years. These epithets carry special meaning, are part of the Muslim belief and used for reverence. Any person using them for others, in the same manner, may be conveying impression to others that they are concerned with Islam when the fact may be otherwise.
Examples of these are as follows:
Muhammad, Rasoolul Llah - name and title specifically used for the Holy Prophet of Islam. Holy Quran mentions it in following words: "Mohammad, Rasoolu Llah, and those who are with him (i.e. His Companions)....." (Al-Quran 48:29)
Ahle Bait - title reserved for the family of the Holy Prophet pbuh, mentioned in Holy Quran ithe following verse: ".... Allah only wants to remove the sins from you, O Ahle al-Bait, and to purify you with a thorough purification." (Al-Quran 33:33)
Azwaj-e-Mutaharrat - a title exclusively for the Wives of Holy Prophet pbuh;
Umm-u-M'omineen - a title for the wives of Holy Prophet, who are also known as the 'Mother of Faithfuls';
Sahabi (plural Sahaba) - Companions of Holy Prophet pbuh;
Khulafa alRashideen - Title given to the First Five righteous succesors to the Holy Prophet pbuh;
Ameerul M'omineen - Title fort he rightful ruler of Muslims;
Kalima - The Words recitation of which by tongue and belief in heart is a Fundamental Article of Faith for every Muslim;
Salaat or Durood Shareef - Invocation of the blessings of Allah upon the Holy Prophet pbuh;
Masjid - Place of worship for Muslims;
Masjid-e-Haram - The Holy Mosque or the House of Allah in the city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia;
Masjid-e-Aqsa - The Holy Mosque in Jerushelm, from where the Holy Prophet pbuh went to heavens on the Night of Ascension;
Hajj - The pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah;
Names of Prophets - Adam, Abraham, David, Ishmael, Moses, Eisa (Jesus) s/o Mary etc. etc. are specific Persons, all revered and respected by Muslims;
Verses of Holy Quran glorifying various Prophets and especially Holy Prophet Mohammad pbuh; These are just a few examples of the various appelations adored and used by muslims all over the world. They are sentimentally attached to these personalities, adoring and revering them is an article of faith for them. Such is the attachment that a slightest disrespectful remark can cause severe emotional distress for them. A delibrate attempt to defile such personalities and to apply such epithets to some other personages/objects can understandably outrage the sensitivities of 1000 million Muslims all over the world. History is replete with examples of non-Muslims/disbelievers taking advantage of this weakness. Delibrate derogatory remarks of some insensitive rogue can always generate vitriolic reactions amongst the muslims and disbelievers have never failed to get the desired reaction thus giving the Champions of Human Rights a chance to label Islam an intolerant Religion and Muslims a Militant nation.
No serious attempts have ever been made by these Champions of Human Rights to find out why do Muslims react in such manner? It seems that for them the rights of few individuals are more important than the rights of society at large. Few individuals should have the right to violate the religious sentiments of 1000 million Muslims and these 1000 million Muslims should take it lying down!
West love their underdogs, Qadianis/Ahmadis' propaganda has thus recieved a lot of support and sympathy.
But now let us analyse who is the real culprit?

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