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Abuse of Islamic Epithets Part 5.2

Part 5.2
And Its Ramifications
(Contd.)After a lot of efforts and jugglery of words, somehow Mirza made his followers swallow the idea that he is Holy Prophet Reincarnated. Then the rest followed. His family assumed the title of AHLE BAIT, his followers became SAHABA, his followers started addressing his wife as UMM-ul-Mo'MINEEN and so on.
"I had special love and intimate relationship with the AHLE BAIT-e-Maseeh Mow'ood. Even now I have an affectionate bond with the entire FAMILY of Maseeh Mow'ood and feel honoured to carry their shoes." (Al-Mahdi by Hakeem Mohammad Hussain Qadiani Lahori p.57)
"Due to the (verse of Quran): 'wa aakhareena minhum', the party of Maseeh Mow'ood is included in the SAHABA of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)....In advertisement 'Aik Ghalti ka azala', Hazrat Maseeh Mow'ood has stated: 'In the inspiration of 'Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah wa allazeena ma'ahum', Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah is me and God has addressed me as Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah.' Now two things are proven from this inspiration:
He (Mirza) is Muhammad, and your being Muhammad as a Messenger of Allah and not in some other way;
His SAHABA, because of this status, are the SAHABA of Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah, who are according to the qualities of 'asshidaao 'alal kuffare, ruhamaao bainahum'." (Al-Fazl Qadian, vol.3 No.10, dated 15th July 1915)
"In this verse (wa aakhareena minhum) there is a subtle point that there is a mention of that group who will be made SAHABA but in this place the coming of that BUROOZ, that is the Maseeh Mow'ood's, is not clearly mentioned through whom they will become SAHABA, and like Sahab-e-Karam (ra), were considered to be under the training of Holy Prophet (pbuh)." (Aik Ghalti ka Azala, Roohani Khazain vol.)
"Thus he who enters my Jama'at, acually has entered the SAHABA of my Master Holy Prophet (pbuh)." (Khutba-e-Ilhamiyah, Roohani Khazain vol.)
Wife of Mirza - UMM-ul-M'oMINEEN:
"Al-Fazl which was started weekly by selling the jewellery of my wife, HAZRAT UMM-ul-M'oMINEEN (wife of Mirza Ghulam) by selling her land and Brother Nawab Mohammad Ali Khan by giving some cash and selling some land. Weekly became bi-weekly, from bi-weekly to thrice weekly and now it is published daily." (Announcement of Mian Mehmood Ahmad, Khalifa Qadian, Al-Fazl Newspaper, Qadian vol.22 No.108 dated 8th March 1935)
Mother of Mirza - CHIRAGH BIBI
"The mother of that Magnficent Man (Mirza) is the ONLY WOMAN after Amina Khatoon, who can feel honoured upon her good fortune. Amongst the prominent women of the world, Hazrat Amina Khatoon and Hazrat Chiragh Bibi are the only two women who have delivered such magnificent persons to the world who were responsible for the guidance and salvation of the world." (Hayat-un-Nabi vol.1 No.2 p.142-143 by Yaqoob Ali Qadiani)
"Second clear sign regarding the House of Ka'aba is that [Man dakhalahoo kaana aamina - alQuran], that is this is a place of peace. In the entire world this distinction is for the House of Ka'aba alone that it is an Abode of Peace." (Nikat-ul-Quran vol.3 p.267 by Molvi Mohammad Ali Qadiani Lahori)But the inspiration of Mirza told him otherwise:
"Bait-ul-Fikr is that room where this humble was busy in writing books and still is; and by Bait-ul-Zakr, that mosque is meant which is built in the side of this room and the last sentence (of inspiration) [wa man dakhalahoo kaana aamina] is mentioned in praise of this mosque." (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya p.558)For 1400 years Muslims were wrong about the sanctity of the Holy City of Jerushelm. Actually according to Mirza Ghulam Masjid Aqsa is in Qadian. Holy Prophet went to Qadian and not Jerushelm on Night of Ascension. Mirza says:
"Verse of Holy Quran (17:1) 'Subhan alLazee asra be'abdehee lailan min alMasjid alHaram ila alMasjid alAqsa.....' Glory be to Him who took His Slave in the night from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa...., its literal and true application is that Mosque which has been built by Mirza's father and whose extension has been done by Mirza." (Advertisement for collection of donation for Minarat-ul-Maseeh, Coolection of Advertisement vol.3 p.286)
"The land of Qadian is now respectable Crowd of people has made it Land of Haram". (Mirza Ghulam's poetry, Dur-e-sameen p.56)
"Due to some genuine excuse those friends who could not come to Qadian on this occasion (of Jalsa Salana), they are really helpless..but those who have promised to give precedence to faith on worldly matters and.....their eagerness to collect the blessings of ARDH-e-HARAM (Qadian), to see the Respected Imam... has reached to Dar-ul-Aman Mahdi in time, their godliness and sincerity is commendable. At the time of prayers, whole crowd cannot be accomodated in the Blessed Mosque and worshipers are seen on s treets and the display of the reality of FOUR MUSSALLA of ARDH-e-HARAM is seen every year." (Akhbar Al-Fazl, Qadian vol.3 No.74 dated 26th Dec 1915)
"People go for ordinary and supererogatory (Nafly) Hajj. But in this place (Jalsa Salana in Qadian) the reward is more than NAFIL HAJJ and to remain neglectful is harmful and dangerous since the Way (of Ahmadiyyat) is divine and order is from God." (Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.352)
"Since only those people can go on Hajj who have the means and are rich, although Divine Movements always initially spread amongst the poor and poor are excused from Hajj. Thus God has fixed one more ZILLI HAJJ so that those people with whom He wants to take the task of Islam's uprising and those poor that is the muslims of India may also participate in it." (Khutba Mian Mehmood Ahmad, Khalifa Qadian, Newspaper alFazl vol.20 No.66 dated 1st Dec 1932)
"Just as without Ahmadiyyat the FIRST Islam, that the Islam which remains leaving Hazrat Mirza Saheb out of it, is a dry Islam. Similarly the Hajj of Makkah without this ZILLI HAJJ is a dry Hajj, because these days the purposes of Hajj are not attained there." (Statement of a Qadiani, Newspaper Paigham Al-Sulh vol.21 No.22 dated 19th April 1933)
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